Ambit 231

Ambit comes loaded with the usual mix of poetry, prose and art. A lot of art actually. I counted thirty-four pages out of ninety-six which were full-page artworks or connected writing. One of the great things about lit mags is that they’re an assemblage of loosely connected artistic forms, and they can take risks with… Continue reading Ambit 231

The Stinging Fly: Issue 37/Volume 2

The Stinging Fly comes in at well over two hundred pages of dense type, with a very handsome heavy-paperback cover. There is a lot of reading to be done here, one of the reasons that this review is delayed by a week. The editorial policy favours well-crafted literary pieces which don’t generally flirt with the… Continue reading The Stinging Fly: Issue 37/Volume 2

Bare Fiction 10

Bare Fiction 10 starts with an particularly strong poetry section. I loved ‘Aigrettes, Spring 1893’ by Jane Lovell once I’d looked up what an aigrette is. (It’s a headdress consisting of a white egret’s feather). We witness a party from the point of view of one of the unfortunate feather donors. Elegance and violence intermingle… Continue reading Bare Fiction 10